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"I've always been mesmerized by stained glass. The way it plays with light and transforms a space so profoundly could almost be described as magical."  

Michael began his stained glass journey in 1987 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where he learned copper foil and leading techniques from the Stained Glass Gallery.


In 1995 he began working for Bovard Studios in Fairfield, Iowa, where he learned historic stained glass restoration techniques.


Michael moved to the Twin Cities in 1999 where he became Art Director of Gaytee Stained Glass - one of the oldest studios in the area, founded in 1918 - and further developed his design and glass painting skills.


In 2001, Michael left Gaytee to pursue his own vision and formed Studio Watts in Minneapolis. In addition to custom stained glass, he provided interior design consulting services, assisting with new construction projects, and residential and commercial remodels.

Michael moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2019 and is now Director of Design & Operations at Seattle Stained Glass.   

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